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[] Test Results: Sony DSC-RX100

By James Peterson

The Sony RX100 is among the top selling cameras to be sold this holiday season, because of one thing: the sensor. This is what makes or breaks a digital camera today. You might have essentially the most advanced high-end camera features, but if you don't sensor the digital camera will simply not perform as well.

This small digicam could be a competitor for replacing a digital SLR too, because of the high quality sensor. But that that's not every the Sony RX 100 has going for it, as it brimming with additional features to for example a 3.6 times optical standard zoom lens, a very fast at one .8 aperture and 20 mega-pixels of quality one of several greatest quality point-and-shoot cameras you can buytoday.

Poster Sized Image Resolution

Printing large prints with the Sony RX100 is easy thanks to the 20 megapixels of resolution combined with the low light sensor capability every shot you take you can blow up to 20" x 30" with ease and without any loss of image quality or pixelization. The 1 inch sensor on this camera is larger than most digital cameras and sensors on cheaper point-and-shoot digital cameras the result is finer image quality with the Sony RX-100

3.6x Zoom Lens

The zoom lens in the Sony RX 100 is really a 3.6 times standard zoom lens and a speedy F1 .8 aperture for excellent lowlight conditions that are generally restricted to the digital SLR class this makes it a wonderful point-and-shoot camera for in house shooting such as childrens parties or another family events

3" LED screen

The 3 inches LED display for the Sony RX 100 provides accurate blacks and accurate whites for much better image contrast than usual on various other LED display screens on lesser digicams

HD Movie Recording

As with any digicam released this year this little Sony models has High definition video recording at 1080 P. One fascinating aspect from the videos in the Sony is that you could record both equally still images and video clip at the same time.

Shoot in Four Different Shooting Modes

the Sony rx100 delivers four different picture taking modes: manual program aperture priority and shutter priority.

Low light taking pictures up to ISO 6400

The Sony RX-100 can easily see in the dark and shoot up to ISO 6400 loss of picture quality

Shoot RAW

Virtually all point-and-shoot digital cameras are almost always only ready to shoot in JPEG mode nonetheless the Sony RX100 can shoot both JPEG and raw allowing for extra versatility within the post processing mode


The Sony RX 100 is the most economical digicam you can purchase at this time yet it's one of the more feature packed cameras with the largest sensor along with the a large number of mp the result is image quality which is extraordinary for any point-and-shoot camera and in most cases just available when taking pictures with digital slr camera the power is that you simply have the compact portability of an point-and-shoot digital camera with the capability of a much more avant-garde Slr camera. The Sony RX- 100 is the greatest high-end camera in this class available for purchase in 2012

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