Thursday, 31 March 2011

[] The Kind Of Software To Make Editing Easier For You

By Helen K. Roberts

There may be times where you have felt like you can't meet your dreams because you have no money to make a studio. That is a sad thing, but there are ways around it.

If your dream job is to be a producer, you need to believe that it's possible because there are some resources available to prove to the world of your abilities. You can turn your computer into a virtual studio by using DUB Turbo software which creates tracks instantly.

You may ask yourself why you have to use DUB Turbo but all you need to know is that it's a very effective way and can work on any computer, whether it is a PC or Mac. Its compatible with both of those operating systems and you can utilize all its high quality abilities if your computer can handle it.

There training videos that are provided can be able to play on any player and they not only teach you the basic skills but also use your potential to make you a professional.

When someone is creating their sounds or music, they can then check their material for all the possible marketing ways and this will provide some options. In this area however, the chances of getting your market will depend on how much quality is in your sounds.

You do not require extra programs to support this product before it can work. All that is needed for it to operate is already included in the product.

There are some bonus kits that come with this product and will surprise you. They come freely and include premium samples, extra mood and scene settings and training videos. This makes this package special and it would be a good idea for a producer to invest in it.

Those that suffer with editing will find security when using this software because with DUB Turbo every software editing aspect is catered for and you do not have to spend much time editing and less time producing.

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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

[] Beginners Guide - To Taking The Perfect Photograph

By Ted Parry

When you are just starting out and getting experience taking photographs you may find that some photos are better than others and just put it down to luck. In actual fact it has nothing to do with luck and is actually down to certain things which you have done with the Lumix camera. When you learn what these things are it becomes so much easier to take the photographs properly and get the best results every time. Below are a few tips that will help you understand what you need to do to stop and blurring or bad image quality and transform that into get looking and successful photographs.

Have The Light Work In Your Favour

With standard pointy and shoot Lumix cameras it's undeniable that sometimes it hard to get the lighting that you want sometimes. Bright spots during the shot will undeniably be the worst thing to happen with regards to lighting in the picture. Make sure you spot these bright spots straight away and avoid them. Anything like this can cause your picture to come out extremely bright in one area and leave it without much detail leaving you with a pretty poor photograph. The same applies with dark patches. If you have a dark spot make sure you are well aware and don't take a picture in an overly bright and at the same time dim location. The Lumix camera can only see half of what the human eye can so make sure you take advantage of this and judge the lighting yourself.

Don't Overcomplicate Things

Having your photograph scrambled with many other things will most likely ruin the picture. If you're taking a picture of one person, why try and take pictures of other things in the scenery when the main point of focus in the picture is the person. When viewing things you want it to be as simple as possible so the human eye can find out what it's about straight away. This rule can apply to other things in the photograph like objects or backgrounds, only fit in what's necessary.

Be Aware Of Your Scenery

The body will look much better if it's lined up next to things that are symmetrical as well. This is especially true when it comes to sizing your photograph. If you choose vertical over horizontal and you're picturing a human that's standing up you may find that it looks more natural and appealing to the eyes. However you must use this based on your scenery and never on what you think. Some photographs might fit horizontal much better such as if you were taking a picture of the sea.

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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

[] Online Wedding Albums And The Arrival Of Collages.Net!

By Kevin Browne

As a professional photographer who shoots weddings, you've no doubt seen the explosion in the need to offer your clients outstanding online wedding albums.

Consider what the arrival of this online ability now means to your business from a time and revenue standpoint.

And it's precisely why a company named has been so driven to create the best online wedding enable you to move your business to new heights daily.

Using the online technology developed by Collages, you can now upload all of your stunning selects, make them all visible to everyone, and perhaps most of all, you can sell all of these images. And the sheer potential for that to become a dramatic and brand new source of income for your business should be quite exciting.

You see, that's exactly why came to be. To help photographers sell. And to constantly find the newest and smartest ways for photographers to really build their businesses.

Of course, all of this potential comes with all of the security and e-commerce conveniences you have to have.

Using the online wedding albums portal, you will enjoy 5 year image backup and storage, credit card processing (which is tremendously easy to use), password protection and full screen image viewing. All so the bride can really take her time and make the perfect selections.

Your passion for your craft comes through in framing shots and manipulating the way light falls and capturing moments that defy explanation. At, their passion is to take your passion and enable you to create the strongest business with it as they can.

Not if but when you need to explore online wedding albums, there is only one place to turn. And that place would be Collages.

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Monday, 28 March 2011

[] Photo Coffee Table Books: How Collages.Net Lets Your Work T...

By Kevin Browne

"Oh, this is just gorgeous...when did you have this done? Do you still have their number? Oh, I just love this!!!"

The idea that your best shots could soon be sitting in some of the most stunning photo coffee table books inside the homes of your clients, where tons of other potential clients will visit is an exciting thought, huh?

One of the major reasons why works so incredibly hard to create their photo coffee table books is to show off the work of their photographers.

The moment that coffee table book is opened, the second other people gather around it and start seeing your shots in it, a world of new potential clients forms. Everyone will instantly want ones of their own.

Of course, when you order these beautiful books from, you will get a staggering amount of options.

Ordering through Collages, you'll have high gloss or matte cover options, you'll be able to add as many pages to your book as you want, you'll be able to preserve your images for years and you can even design your book in the free design software that Collages features. These are the kinds of features that really set this passionate company apart. And keeps them there.

Need more convincing?

Okay, how about a support team that is more experienced and energetic than any you've ever seen, five paper options including lay flat pages and the fact that your books ship within two business days?

If you really want to propel your photography business, look into the photo coffee table books at Collages. Hey, for that matter look into everything at Collages and imagine how far your business CAN go with the most perfect back end products and services. Thousands of other photographers have daily since 1999.

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Sunday, 27 March 2011

[] Finding A Qualified Wedding Photographer

By Charles Murray

Wedding photographers all have unique styles and skills and finding a qualified one involves many choices and prices for consideration. The hours spent on the project, the picture settings, amount of people involved in the shoot, different poses, and prints wanted all need to be considered when choosing a photographer and a wedding package. Prices can vary greatly from one photographer to another, so it is important to research the photographer and everything offered.

Wedding photographers can be compared to other contractors who work by the hour or small job. While the costs of the albums or prints might seem outrageous, the number of hours involved throughout the day need to be considered as contributing factors for those prices.

Contract based professionals supply their own equipment for the jobs, whether they are the tools of the welder or the pipes and wrenches of the plumber, and photographers must also have equipment costs for each project. While family and friends might be able to bring their own cameras to the wedding and take great pictures, there can be a difference between the results of the pictures taken with those cameras and those taken with the equipment a professional brings to the event. Extra lights and flashes, various cameras and tripods, computers for digital devices, storage support, and more can add more than cost to the finished photographs. Typically, a professional?s cameras and equipment will produce better pictures than a hobbyist?s camera, and the experience of the professional photographer can?t be matched.

The time of year also needs to be considered when looking to hire a wedding photographer. It is not unusual for summer prices to be higher as that is often a peak season for weddings, just as resorts and hotel might raise rates during peak times.

Photographers who are successful at capturing wedding photos have often developed the abilities to gauge personalities and characteristics of his or her subjects. Family members and guests should feel comfortable with the photographer and be able to relax in his presence. Sometimes it is a good idea to ask the photographer if there is a public event at which he or she will be working where their skills and interactions can be seen, and then the pictures can also be reviewed. The engagement picture session is another good opportunity to get a glimpse of the style, organization capabilities, and skills of the photographer. If the photographer is late, appears rushed or preoccupied, or does not listen to the needs of the couple, then the relationship does not need to continue, even if the pictures are acceptable.

Professional wedding photographers will often use professional labs to develop the pictures if they don't have their own in-house processing capabilities. Couples can even go ahead and ask the photographer where the photographs will be developed. When interviewing photographers for the contract it is also a good idea to ask about security measures taken to protect the film. Couples can ask questions about duplicates made or the storage process. Thorough photographers will have plans in place to address these issues.

It is a good practice to meet with many photographers, check their work and work habits, and ask lots of questions. Some photographers will be agreeable to sell the proofs of the pictures to be developed by the wedding couple, but the quality might not be as expected or seen in examples. The wedding budget does not have to crumble under the pressure of hiring the most expensive photographer, but care does need to be taken when searching for a price that fits and also delivers amazing pictures. While it may seem easier and much less expensive to forgo professional photographers, the end results can often clearly be seen in the pictures.

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Saturday, 26 March 2011

[] A Short Word list Of Digital Cameras

By Geoff James

Technology is awesome isn't it? Regularly it seems there are fresh improvements & new & enhanced digital cameras coming onto the shops. But how do you come to a decision which is the smart digital camera? What are mps, Liquid crystal display sizes & memory cards? Here is a fast explanation on what to search for.

What does mp mean?

Your digital picture consists of many of small squares. In essence mega pixels are the amount of tiny squares needed to make the picture. one mega pixel is 1 million little square shapes! The bigger the digit (4,6 8 mega pixels) the nicer. The extra mps you have, the sharper the photograph. If you need to move in on particular parts of the photograph they most definitely will be clearer and less fuzzy with more mps.

What is LCD size?

All digital cameras include a petite display on the rear thus you can make out what picture you are getting without using the viewfinder. You can also appraise the images you have taken. The bigger the screen, the easier it is for you to see the pictures.


Ideally you wish to control equally optical & digital zoom. If you could afford it head for a higher optical zoom instead of digital, because the results are sharper. The majority of realistically priced digital cameras have an optical zoom between 2x - 12x.

Which memory card?

Your memory card is where your images are stored before you transfer the images to computer or print them out. Each of the well known makes of camera has a different sort of memory card so be certain that you buy the right one. A good number of digital cameras include a little memory card, therefore it might be sensible to consider buying a larger one to include a larger number of pictures on. They now go to 2 GB or higher, which will possess thousands of pictures.

One can find a lot of terrific digital cameras in the market that are good for daily use & won't break the bank. The costs are to be declining on a regular basis as well so do not pay too much for an up to date model if all you want are good celebration & family snaps.

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Friday, 25 March 2011

[] How To Choose A Waterproof Digital Camera

By Ian G Hollingsworth

A waterproof digital camera is perfect for anyone wanting to take pictures in or around a wet area. The special design and materials used to make the camera enable it to remain operating when it gets wet or even when full submerged in water. This means a user can take pictures during a range of water-based activities such as swimming, kayaking, water polo, paddling or surfing. There are also commonly used to capture underwater wildlife such as fish because they can be used when scuba diving.

The typical depth a waterproof camera can reach while still remaining functional is usually three meters. Other cameras can take pictures in depths of water up to ten meters. In addition to their ability to keep working underwater, cameras are often equipped with other durable qualities. They can withstand being dropped, physically damaged and operate in extreme low or high temperatures.

The additional features enable a digital camera to be used for a wide range of uses. They can accompany several activities such as water sports, outdoor activities and extreme sports. There is a wide range of cameras that can operate in water available for purchase and it is advisable to thoroughly check the specifications for each one as they do not all provide these more robust features.

A user will find that a waterproof model offers almost all of the same photographic options as a non-waterproof camera. They operate on the same easy to use point and shoot method. They provide the standard zoom in and out controls and picture settings. The products are almost all equipped with an internal memory to store numerous photographs and a rechargeable battery.

Picture quality should be an important factor for those wanting to take photographs. The more megapixels a product has, the sharper an image will be. Most digital devices allow you to transfer the photographs you take onto a computer via its USB port. Many new models however offer advanced features such as a touch-screen LCD display and the ability to film High-Definition Movies underwater.

Anyone shopping for a digital camera is advised to search the online stores on the internet for various deals. Also their local photographic store would be a useful place to visit and see the range of products available.

Cameras are often small enough to fit into a pocket, which is especially convenient if someone if playing water sports and wants to take a picture. The majority of cameras are also designed differently from the standard models. They are often colorful or eye-catching in design.

Professional divers or diving enthusiasts may need to take photographs at considerably deep distances. The ten meter restriction on most cameras will need to be extended. These consumers may choose to buy a standard digital version with additional waterproof casing.

Anyone wanting to purchase a waterproof digital camera is advised to assess the range of specifications to find a model which suits their technical requirements and budget. There are a number of brands that manufacture cameras with a range of features available and at different price points.

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Thursday, 24 March 2011

[] Economical Easel Stands for Every Need

By Kylie Scott

Whatever kind of easel stand you need, whether it be a floor mounted whiteboard stand or a tabletop one to display your favorite photograph, there will be one available. Even the cheapest models are attractive and useful, while the more expensive, decorative or adjustable styles are still very reasonably priced, especially considering their usefulness.

The type of easel stand you typically find in classrooms everywhere is an example of a purely utilitarian stand. These serve one purpose only: to carry a whiteboard at a convenient height for both the user and the viewers. It has been a standard visual aid in classrooms for generations and is yet to be surpassed as a vehicle for enhancing any form of lesson or presentation.

A more elaborate floor easel may be flippable vertically or rotatable horizontally. This kind of easel stand is ideal when a presentation requires one to refer back to previous information or to use one side of the board to display a promotional poster and the other to aid him in his presentation.

Easel stands are also noteworthy for their extreme portability. In a classroom setting, a coaster model can be easily shifted from one part of the classroom to the other or tucked into a corner when it's not needed. A whiteboard stand like this need not be fully collapsible, since in remains in one general area, but would not be appropriate when greater transportability was needed. There are other styles available for this.

A lightweight, collapsible stand is the ultimate solution for the traveling sales executive. Compact and feather weight bi-fold or tripod easels take up very little space in a vehicle and can be set up in a matter of seconds. Some of the more elaborate styles feature telescoping or folding legs. Both light in weight and sturdy in construction, they can go wherever they are needed at a moment's notice.

It is not just floor stands that come in such a variety of designs. Easel stands designed for tabletop use also exist for just about every imaginable purpose. Those that are designed to be transportable can fit into a briefcase or carrying case. A small tripod whiteboard stand is great for desktop use, while a lectern stand is indispensable for accommodating lecture notes.

Not to be overlooked are the hundreds of decorative uses easel stands can be put to. Works of art, rare or favorite books, family photographs, collectible plates and even fine wines are just a few of the many uses decorative easels can be put to.

When you combine usefulness with design, you have the perfect easel stand. This is easily achieved, since their are hundreds available, at all prices and of all descriptions.

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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

[] Photographers In Denver That Will Reveal The Real You

By Zsanee Gaines

Memories... The senior pictures of your High School experience will provide detailed memories far into the future. As your senior year comes to an end you'll want to have both the shots in your year book plus individual portraits taken from expert Denver photographers. These pictures make great gifts for friends and relatives and provide a constant reminder of all the lessons you learned in High School. You'll be able to think back with a smile at the great times you had with your classmates. As you go forward in life you'll have that snap shot of a very special time in everyone's life, your high school experience.

Indeed, a senior picture can be a very special thing. But in order to come up with a great senior picture that will truly be worth keeping, it's important to know which photography pose works best on you. There are so many poses to choose from, so it's easy to get confused and lose your way. This article aims to help excited high school seniors to figure out which poses to do on picture day.

Creative senior pictures, also known as specialty shots, are a lot of fun to take. The key in this matter is quite simple-you must match your pose with your personality. Not all teenagers are into the same things, so you need to envision yourself in relation to the things you like. This way, coming up with the right pose for you senior portraits will be a breeze.

For instance, are you into music? Perhaps rocking out with a guitar would be your best bet to show off your rockstar side. Do you love to paint? Perhaps working on a canvass might prove the best idea. Are you a dancer on the side? Perhaps sharing a dance move on camera could work. It all depends on the things you do which you think define a big part of who you are.

It's not enough to simply sit still and say "cheese." No, you'll want a portrait that exactly represents what you're passionate about. Are you a football player then perhaps your full uniform holding your helmet will put you in the frame of mind to produce a lasting image and memory. When you strike your pose share what you're thinking about with you photographer. Even without any props a professional photographer will be able to help you create a lasting memory.

When you know what persona you want your portrait to project then select a photographer whose body of work shows that they know how to create exactly what you want. Check out their website, look through their gallery and see examples of their work. Since most photographers now work digitally things like uneven tans, braces, acne, can all be covered and eliminated from the final specialty shot. Talk to your photographer as well you need to be comfortable with them to get the best results for your senior portrait.

You can create a high school picture that looks great and packs the emotional wallop of a work of art if you work closely with excellent Denver photographers with a lot of experience. It's never too early to plan out your lasting high school memory.

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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

[] Handy Clues To Organize Photo Shoot With Custom Logo Youth ...

By Neela Vazzana

The springtime is on but you should never let your jackets bid farewell permanently. But before you take these promotional youth jackets on your closets, why don't you take a last peak at these items by taking their images. If you want to capitalize on the beauty of these goods as part of your fun activity with your friends, you can eternally do so. Here are some words that you can ponder in doing your very own fashion photography with jackets.

Materials Needed:

Jackets Camera (DSLR or digital cam would do) Props (for your set designs) Accessories (that fits the style of your customized youth jackets) Photography Accessories (tripod, lights and many other)

Tip #1

Select a theme. It is imperative that you have a theme to follow. The theme of your promotional youth jacket photo shoot will be the backbone the whole celebration. This is where you will attain the inspiration for the location, the accessories and other things that may be related to your shoot.

Tip #2

Once you have your theme, tag the perfect location for your shoot. You can either go outdoors or just stay at home and decorate a certain room to comply with overall theme.

Tip #3

Invite your friends over and let them be your very own model for your custom imprinted youth jacket photo shoot. Don't just let them slip on these jackets the normal way. You can have it worn in special way that can really accentuate the beauty of its designs. You can also add a little tweaking by letting your models adorn accessories that would fit the style of jackets.

Tip #4

Once you are done with your shoot, lay out these pictures and turn them into magazine covers. It would be greatly great to see your friend on the cover of their very own custom made high-fashion magazines. This will surely be a great souvenir for a very special occasion that your circle of friend will organize.

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Monday, 21 March 2011

[] Ready To Open Your Photography Storefront?

By Kevin Browne

Okay, put down that gorgeous new camera for one moment, turn off all the Chinese lamps, and maybe let your assistant spend an extra half hour out in the real world for a change of pace. Let's discuss you being able to create a photography storefront...and the vast amount of new revenue sources that can and will mean to your business.

What we need to talk about right here is one of the smartest and most proven ways for you to take your passion for photography and wrap it into the completely integrated business solutions of and increase your exposure...and the possibility for far more revenue day after day.

In 1999, a company called burst upon the photography scene with one goal...that goal being to assist professional photographers in any and every way possible get more exposure in order to increase their revenue. Collages,net was founded on the belief that showing photographers how to become more profitable was paramount.

And to do that, Collages went out and assembled one of the best, and most passionate customer services teams imaginable...then they created products, software, and services that would become essential to photographers at every level.

The idea was simple yet powerful: give professionals a photography storefront and then arm them with best in class products. This creative new technology was warmly welcomed by professional photographers as it created several new revenue streams for all studios.

Professional photographers post all of their weddings, portraits, senior, baby, and family images on customized password protected storefront. From those sites, customers indicate their favorite images for their prints, albums, coffee table books, cards. Gallery wraps and other professional products. To fulfill their print orders, professional photographers use Collages Color + ROES. To design books and albums, photographers either use's free design software, the design team at, or their own studio team.

Oh, remember the customer service team we spoke of earlier? Good luck finding a question they can't answer. They speak with thousands of photographers each month and they can quickly point you in the right direction. You can expect live phone support at, but if you don't get them live, leave a message and you can expect a call with that answer within two hours.

A single focus. Help photographers sell. That's clarity!

If you are ready to create a photography storefront and to drive more revenue for your studio, you now know that you need to head to Collages.

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Sunday, 20 March 2011

[] Leather Albums For Photographers; The Right Ones Create Mor...

By Kevin Browne

When you are ready to take your photography business to entirely new levels, it's time to start looking at the leather albums for photographers you'll find at

It's so important to understand that the reason why Collages was started in 1999 was to enable professional photographers to do doing more means making more money or having more time to do the things in life that you love.

And when it comes to how your shots look their best, nothing says "hire me" like some of our best leather albums. (It's one of the things they hear endlessly.)

Okay, enough grandstanding, let's get to why.

The leather albums for photographers at Collages feature flush mounts, more than 20 color cover options, lay flat pages (which are a huge draw) and the smallest page break in the industry.

This is the attention to detail in a product that will instantly be noticed as you lift your album out in front of new prospective clients to show off your work. These client meetings are where every product detail becomes magnified and where you need to set yourself apart from your competition. You need to ask yourself, why should this person hire YOU?!? Why should they really?

It's just so cool to know that there really are companies out there that have such dynamic, solution-oriented customer service teams AND have the products that really set the standard for the professional photography niche.

Maybe it's not too difficult to see why thousands of photographers look to each day as they look to innovate, profit, and become more efficient each day.

After all, the goal was always to help photographers sell, right?

Hey, you know those leather albums for photographers you've been looking for? I think I just may know where you can get those.

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Saturday, 19 March 2011

[Canon Digital SLR Buying Guide] Take Control Of Your Camera Now!

Start taking great photos now. Learn the easy way how to take control of your camera. Staring shooting in manual mode instantly and see an improvement in your photos straight away. Photography is fun not hard. Check it out!

Find a Digital Photography Book that suit you today!

Friday, 18 March 2011


Hi there, if you are looking for Digital Cameras for Kids viist my new Digital Cameras for Kids blog.